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Effective Fall 2003

Back Page Cover: 450
Inside Cover: 400
Full Page: 300
1/2 Page: 210
1/3 Page: 150
1/6 Page: 90

All purchased ads include a free online ad.

Advertising Policies

All advertising is subject to Curb’s Advertising Policies and Terms and to all provisions and regulations set forth in this section. Failure to make the order correspond in price and otherwise with current rates is regarded only as a clerical error and publication will be made and charged under Curb’s established policies, terms and provisions.
- Curb accepts responsibility for publishing each ad correctly as determined by the original copy provided the ad is submitted on or before the set deadline. Curb will not accept liability for changes in copy after the advertisement has been proofed and approved by the advertiser.
- Curb will not be held responsible for typographical errors except to cancel charges for such a portion of the advertisement as may have been rendered valueless by such error.
- Proofs of ads created by Curb must be approved by the advertiser by the specified deadline.
- Advertising simulating news may be set in body type, but must carry the word “Advertisement.”
- All original advertising design and graphics remain the property of Curb.
- A 5% discount will be applied to all accounts prepaid with cash or check
- The purchase of an advertisement includes a complimentary Web advertisement of proportional size.
- All advertising canceled after deadline will be billed 100% of the space cost.
- The Marketing Director reserves the right to refuse any advertisement and to modify or reject any advertisement in the case of libel or poor taste.
- There will be no placement of advertisements in direct relation to the affected story.
- Ad trades and discounts are subject to the discretion of the Marketing Director.