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Message in the Music: Matt White's melodies enthrall and encourage: University of Wisconsin alum Matt White’s soulful melodies and boyish charm woos audiences across the country. Check out how his years in Madison helped him make it big in the music biz.

Message in the Music: Sona's samples aim to initiate change: Hip-hop artist and filmmaker Sona used to be a Cameroon prince with dreams of being a doctor in the United States. Now, he hopes his degree, music and films will inspire Milwaukee youth and remind them of their potential.

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Designer Destination: Despite the stereotype that the Midwest is behind in fashion trends, the luxury, uber-chic shopping website has chosen Madison for its sole merchandise location. The store, seen as a fashion mecca of sorts by out of towners, carries a plethora of high-end denim brands, clothing and accessories by trendy designers.
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United We Dance

Cultural dancing takes the state by storm, educating Wisconsin residents about different cultures and their creative forms of physical expression. The rhythm and movement create an experiential connection and form of learning some say a textbook could never achieve.
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The Tale Behind
the Ale

These Wisconsin tiny taps show beer drinkers how tasty formulas don't originate from massive companies. Read on to learn how Wisconsin microbreweries are finding success in staying local.
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