Curb is a men’s magazine that offers Wisconsin men original content geared to complement their “work hard, play hard” attitude. Now in its eighth year of publication, Curb Magazine is a unique voice among Wisconsin media, led by the future generation of communication professionals. The Curb philosophy extends beyond campus boundaries to serve audiences around Wisconsin.

Curb launches its annual edition each December. A team of 20 undergraduate and graduate students in the University of Wisconsin- Madison School of Journalism write, edit, design and market Curb Magazine. Although the staff changes annually, the caliber and dedication remains consistent.

Meet the Staff


Becky Vevea: Editor

Becky is a product of the small town of Marshfield, Wis., home of the World’s Largest Round Barn, but has never milked a cow. After spending her last semester in Madrid, she has developed an unhealthy obsession with red wine and the New York Times Travel page. She has an affinity for making up words, referencing the year 2005 and dancing at inappropriate times. Becky has laughing fits twice daily and watches more YouTube than you. Between her job as Editor in Chief of Curb and Online Content Editor for The Badger Herald, she finds time to go running, not do her laundry and fall asleep on her homework.


Lavilla Capener: Managing Editor

Lavilla is originally from the small town of New London, Wis., which, in addition to being the birthplace of the American water spaniel, also hosts an annual Musky Magic Show. In between her job as the managing editor of Curb, she also brags about Bucky as a campus tour guide and writes riveting news articles as an intern for the Capital Times. In her free time, she enjoys obsessively watching Runaway Bride, listening to Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love” on repeat, and making epic lists of things to do. Her personal goals include finally watching every Coen Brothers movie, resolving the bubbler/water fountain debate, and creating the perfect Fleetwood Mac Pandora radio station.

Brian Mosgaller: Copy Editor

Fresh off an organic dairy farm in Jacksonport, Wis., Brian can still milk a cow blindfolded after three years at school. After a two-year absence from his league’s playoffs, Brian is currently devoted to improving and maintaining his fantasy football team, “Vick of the Litter.” When not making waiver moves and proposing trades, Brian is copy editor of Curb magazine and covers the University of Wisconsin women’s basketball team for The Badger Herald. If presented with free time, though, Brian enjoys nothing more than a day at the golf course with frequent visits to the beer cart.


Nathan Hebert: Copy Editor

Nate prefers to live vicariously through the academic achievements of others without doing any boring work, so he’s pursuing science-writing as a profession. If the reader could see below his neck, they would be transfixed by the body of a golden Adonis. His hobbies include participating in ostrich-back Aussie biathlons, demanding his co-workers justify their existence and writing mini-autobiographies. He is currently hard at work on his third existential crisis.

Jake Naughton

Jake Naughton: Photo Editor

Jake Naughton hails from the Milwaukee area and can find near perfectly fitting pinstripe suits in almost any thrift store. He loves Madison microbrews, sea otters, plaid and Rocawear. Others call him obsessed with coffee, but to him it’s just true love. He’s also a total, and we mean total, sucker for the seemingly effortless combination of powerful photography, words and video. Jake is an avid mall-walker and street-crosser, never wears Doc Martens and badly wants to learn to tie a bowtie. He considers his disposition sunny.


Lauren Guttormsen: Production Editor

Lauren Guttormsen hails from Kenosha, Wis., the little-known northern-most suburb of Chicago. Though long involved in ballet, it’s visions of Don Draper that dance in this girl’s head. A fair tennis player and avid recycler, she spends her free time neurotically whitening her teeth to compensate for her enthusiastic consumption of coffee, red wine and chocolate. After finishing her undergrad in December of 2009, she will pursue a creative position in the advertising industry.


Katie Greenway: Art Director

Katie Greenway describes herself as an octogenarian trapped in a 22-year-old’s body. She spends her free time completing crossword puzzles, tripping over inanimate objects and playing with her cat Henry. She refuses to watch her figure. Katie intends on moving to New York City—where she spent an exciting five months last spring—as soon as she can find a paying job.


Dani Sylvan: Production Associate

A solid education is what Dani told her bewildered family and friends she was after when she left New York for Wisconsin…but really it was the solid Wisconsin men. A devout football fanatic, Dani has joined her fellow Wisconsinites in their hatred of the traitorous Brett Favre, after all he left her beloved Jets as well. When Dani isn’t watching a game at State Street Brats, she enjoys long naps, Saturday morning breakfast buffets, any gluten-free baked good she can find, and working on the layout for Curb Mag.


Max Schlusselberg: Production Associate

Coming all the way from New York, Max is a long way from home. But don’t mistake him for some kind of city slicker. During his four-year tenure in Wisconsin, Max has gone pheasant hunting, ice fishing and has been to the world’s largest bratwurst festival, twice. After graduation, he secretly hopes to devote more time to World of Warcraft.


Clare Milliken: Lead Writer

Before this magazine, Clare didn’t know much about war veterans or tech firms. But she told herself she knew about men, or at least that she’d like to. In addition to studying men, Clare enjoys crossword puzzles, dry wit and Sundays and Wednesdays, when Maureen Dowd’s column comes out.


Carolyn Vidmar: Lead Writer

A native of Baltimore, Md., Carolyn is always planning her next vacation. When she is not writing for Curb, The Badger Herald, or working on her thesis, Carolyn is probably asleep. Her guilty pleasures include the Real Housewives series and overpriced seasonally-flavored lattes. Carolyn’s preferred method of organization is the Post-it Note. She recently had the frightening discovery that she relates to Kate Gosselin (because of the label maker episode, not the eight children), but Carolyn still dreams of becoming the first female Perez Hilton.


Liz Frantz: Lead Writer

Liz is a native of Mequon, Wis. When she’s not in class or watching The Office, she loves to run outside, cook, flip though piles of magazines and relax in front of the Food Network. After spending the summer in New York City, she desperately misses eating lunch in Central Park and can’t wait to return post-graduation. Liz loves yoga, Desperate Housewives, farmers’ markets, TCBY, Scrabble and wine nights with her friends.


Jenny Corbett: Marketing Director

Jenny Corbett transcends state boundaries as a New Yorker living in the Midwest. She is co-president of Project 40/40, an AIDS awareness group on campus, but really wants to spread awareness that she is not a Yankees fan. She studied abroad in Barcelona this past semester despite knowing only eight words in Spanish, and left knowing only four because wine is really cheap there. She is an exceptional organizer; her friends are aware that the sky is blue because Jenny made a Facebook event for it. She has the heart of a child, which complements her wardrobe, evidenced by her footie pajamas and three costume “fun bins” that receive embarrassingly frequent usage. If she ever inherited a large sum of money, she would invest it in stickers.


Laura DeWitt: PR Manager

Laura is a 21-year-old senior double majoring in political science and journalism at UW-Madison. Although born and raised in Wauwatosa, Wis., she is currently making the most of completing her “writing major” in Madtown. She is a huge fan of taking long walks around her hometown with her chubby puppy Shelby. Laura enjoys Diet Cokes over a good book and discussing the cuteness of turtles during her Thursday night ABC-TV lineup. The aspiring PR guru is not only a chocoholic, but also a born leader, presiding over both the German Club and Women in Communications at UW-Madison.


Jen Hunholz: Marketing Rep

Jen hails from Pewaukee, Wis., a Milwaukee suburb boasting one of the largest inland lakes in Sconnie Nation. After studying abroad in Florence last semester, she developed a penchant for pistachio gelato and browsing Conde Nast Traveler’s website. Current obsessions include: cardigans, fashion blogs, Zac Efron and a bold glass of cabernet. When she isn’t wandering the streets of Madison trying to sell ads for Curb, she enjoys marathon napping and being high maintenance in the most lovable way possible.


Stephen Delaney: Marketing Rep

Stephen Delaney is graduating early this winter and without a single, concrete plan. He has high hopes to celebrate New Year’s in Times Square. He believes it’s an event that each person must do once and only once in their lifetime. What age is better to do it at than 21? He studied in Madrid last semester and was overjoyed when Britney Spears announced her first European tour dates in London. He bought pre-sale tickets over six months in advance and almost missed his flight from Paris to London. Stephen is like a ringleader. He calls the shots. His favorite phrase he learned in Spain is “o follamos todos o la puta al río.”


Marly Schuman: Online Editor

Marly comes from the great state of Illinois, where she has pool parties with people like Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama. She was going to get an interview with Obama for this year’s issue of Curb, but that’s just so overdone. When she’s not hanging with celebs in Chi-Town, she spends her time as an English and journalism major at UW-Madison. In her free time, she enjoys staring at the Curb website for hours on end, putting up fake asbestos signs in Vilas Hall and explaining how to perform a prostate self-exam.


Phil Levin: Online Multimedia Director

Phil was too busy editing multimedia for the Curb website to write his own bio. He spends his free time staring at sex offender apps, eating everything bagels in the College computer lab and hanging out with other people who like computers as much as he does, like Corey Senderhauf. When Phil isn’t creating passwords to suck up to Katy Culver, he enjoys watching his Miley Cyrus countdown calender–she’s legal in less than a year!


Corey Senderhauf: Online Associate

Corey grew up in Sheboygan, Wis., a town with a funny name famous for bratwurst and freshwater surfing. She has struggled her whole life as a minority in Wisconsin⎯she doesn’t eat cheese due to lactose intolerance. When she’s not busy deciphering php from html on the Curb website, she mixes sound at the Union, deejays weddings and works for Apple as a Campus Rep. Corey enjoys beating you at Parcheesi, Backgammon, Poker and Scrabble, adding movies to her Netflix queue, trying to spell the word queue, eating breakfast at truck stops, roller-skating backwards and trying to keep up with her boyfriend during bike rides around the lake.


Valerie Figlmiller: Online Associate

Valerie comes from Leinenkugel’s beer country, also known as Chippewa Falls, Wis., where she gives credit for her adoration of boating and water-skiing on Wisconsin lakes. As the epitome of her zodiac sign Virgo, she is quite the perfectionist, as well as obsessively organized. When not at school or working as the public relations/marketing intern at the Alliant Energy Center, Valerie enjoys unsystematic dancing, board games, making herself to-do lists, drinking fountain soda, cleaning her room, reading accidental Wikipedia articles, and eating dry cereal and fresh fruit.

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