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Parkview Family Restaurant

Are you there, God? It’s me, Jeffrey.

The scenes haunted Milwaukee: officers in yellow hazardous materials suits carrying appliances down the stairs from the apartment; the tales of necrophilia, of cannibalism, of dismemberment; the thin, mustached man appearing in the mugshot; the trace of a smirk on …

Brandy: A Wisconsin Tradition

Each Christmas Eve before the night’s exchange of gifts, Joe Plouff brings out his father’s special leaf-patterned glass—these days, there is only one left. He spoons sugar into the bottom and shakes bitters on top. He pours a splash of …

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It's Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaIt’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Season 5 – FX

With each new controversy and each new episode, the gang on this series finds a way to think up a half-baked scheme and a fresh adventure. Charlie, Mac, Dennis, “Sweet …

The Gospel According to Cory

Dressed all in black – dark skinny jeans, plain tennis shoes – complete with the black laces, Cory Chisel certainly looks the part of an aspiring musician. The only exception is his too-short gray and black-striped long sleeved tee. His …

A Memo to Men: Drop the Pickup Lines

Dating Disaster #1: I opened with an oldie but a goodie: Are you okay angel? That fall from heaven must have hurt.

Dating Disaster #2: On our first date we went to a fancy French restaurant and I mistakenly ordered …

Kill to Grill

With the help of hunting dogs, Scott Brunk hunts turkey, pheasant and duck.

With the help of hunting dogs, Scott Brunk hunts turkey, pheasant and duck.

Wisconsin hunters sit in their tree stands, waiting for the rustle of underbrush and the flash of a movement. Their weekend in the wild unfolds slowly until …

Ask a Woman: From friend zone to guy friends

How do I avoid the dreaded friend zone?

Ask a WomanEver since Joey told Ross he was “mayor” of Rachel’s friend zone, men have feared crossing the line from butterflies to caution tape. Avoiding the friend zone is tricky because women tend …

Miller Time

Milwaukee natives know that smell. That brief, gone-before-you-know-it scent that wafts though your car on I-94. It’s yeast, and we all know what that means – it’s Miller Time. This split second is an important one. It reminds every Brew …

Wisconsin: Where Beer means Business

As any Wisconsinite can attest, this state is damn proud of its beer. Stemming primarily from a heavy German heritage, Wisconsin has grown famous for its beer tradition, yielding celebrated brands from Miller to Pabst to Schlitz. We love our …

Ask a Woman: From money to food

My wife can be careless about how she spends money. How do I tell her she needs to be more responsible without coming off as cheap or having a fight about money?

Ask a WomanBefore I address this, I have a question …

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