When you hear “Wisconsin lifestyle,” what comes to mind?

Stuffing brats and Miller down your gullet until the seams in your snowmobile suit rip? Driving past acres of cows on your way to hunt deer?

For me, it’s planning to have just one child, so my Packers season tickets remain together forever. While we laugh at Wisconsin jokes for their scrap of truth, they allude to a level of pride, a modest Wisconsin exceptionalism. We’re different, just not in the ways you’d expect.

Ten years ago, the inaugural Curb Magazine staff set out to prove life in Wisconsin is more than a mitten-shaped stereotype. Their vision gave Curb its name — pull over to the side of the road and explore the Wisconsin you never knew.

This year we’re celebrating the 10th edition of Curb Magazine, and we’ve returned to our founding philosophy.

Curb is the lifestyle magazine for Wisconsinites who know what they want and aren’t afraid of the journey. We provide readers with a platform to indulge their curiosity. Our staff and our readers share a hunger for Wisconsin’s best stories, uncharted adventures and remarkable people.

At Curb and in Wisconsin, we love our beer and our cheese, our sun and our snow, our Green and our Gold. That much hasn’t changed in 10 years. But we’ll always surprise you. To us, life is about the pursuit of the unexpected. In Wisconsin, there’s much to see beyond the curb.

Stay curious,





Jamie Stark

Editor, Curb Magazine