What is Curb? Every fall since 2002, a course in the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Journalism and Mass Communication produces Curb, a magazine about Wisconsin for Wisconsinites, for movers and shakers who take pride in the strong history and traditions of Wisconsin. Last year, Curb reached 10,000 in print circulation, acquired more than 20,000 web hits during the month following the release and 100 iPad app downloads. In 2012, Curb was honored by the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) as the best student magazine in the nation. The magazine is completely student created with undergraduate journalism majors writing, reporting, editing, designing and promoting the entire magazine.  

What about the “Unearthed” part? This year we are focusing on the relationships between Wisconsinites and the land. Wisconsin identity is rooted in nature. Across the state, the land plays an integral role in Wisconsinites’ communities and passions. Nature inspires the people of Wisconsin to make art, to get active, to preserve their homes. Curb uncovers the unique connections and histories built between nature and the state. Curb unearths natural Wisconsin.