Letter From the Editor

We Millennials are a curious folk. Born and raised in the information age, we were early (childhood) adopters of the Internet and the first to decide that what we ate for breakfast is publishable material. Much of how we are defined is in terms of our indifference to tradition and dubiously selfish pastimes, like brunch and binge-watching Netflix.IMG_6676

Curb: Backroads & Boulevards, however, is a testament to both the enduring place print media has in our digital age and our generation’s passionate, unglamorous and collaborative (read: painstaking) work ethic.

This magazine is a celebration of old and new and the wonders and woes that have been born between them. From small town football fields and beloved supper clubs to Madison’s struggle with homelessness and a treasure hunter in Milwaukee’s backyard, Backroads & Boulevards takes a contemporary perspective on Wisconsin traditions. It is journalism and art—or, at the least, journalism about Wisconsin’s art, as well as its culture, its people and its places.

Above all, these pages are for your enjoyment. We hope you’ll smile, laugh, learn a thing or two, feel inspired, or even intrigued. Oh, and if you find us at brunch, we’ll be happy to talk—just put your smartphone away first.




Andy Stoiber, Editor