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Mission Statement

Curb. It’s that concrete edge that signifies where the road ends and the rest of the world begins. It’s that little barrier that encourages you to keep cruising straight ahead in your car at 65 mph.

Or is it?

Slow your car down along that very same curb and you’ll notice how the world on the other side beckons for you to take a closer look at the people and places found there. Stop entirely and you’ll begin to notice the compelling issues that influence these people and shape these places – the social complexities, the historical relics and the underlying attitudes that define an entire state.

That’s what Curb is all about. Both in-print and on the Web, we provide a unique picture of the Wisconsin you find on the other side of the curb, only if you’re willing to look again. We focus on specific people and places and explore a broad array of social and political issues that are unique to Wisconsin, while also taking an investigative look at the economic, political and social ramifications that national policy has on the well being of the state. In this way, we honor the tradition of citizenship in Wisconsin and hope to inspire you to take a stance on these issues, to get involved with their progress and then to make a difference in your communities at a local or state level. Our artistic style reflects the ingenuity and sophistication that you will find in each written piece.

Curb strikes a balance between providing you with the in-depth information you may need in order to help improve state and inviting you to simply enjoy what the state has to offer. We dare you to turn your engine off, get out of the car and participate not only in the activities that relate to the issues, but also in those that provide a respite from them. So we also highlight detailed information about Wisconsin activities – including the sports, the arts and ways to enjoy Wisconsin’s beautiful wilderness.

So, Wisconsin: Approach that Curb. Cross it. And with our guidance, look again.