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Figureheads Photo
Photo courtesy of Anne Shapiro

Pure Pleasure
Passion Parties spice up relationships with sensual products for him and her

Training to race and fighting to live
Lisa Drew beat cancer and trained for a triathalon while she was at it

It requires new levels of personal resolve. It makes her question how much emotional stress she can handle. It involves an extreme test of her physical ability.  More...

Born for a reason
Hip-hop group Figureheads perform with purpose

The staccato thumping of the drum beat is familiar. It spells hip-hop, now synonymous with “bling” – fat rocks, flashy chains,  gaudy grills, the gold-and-diamond braces affixed to artists’ teeth. The genre means gritty themes, easy expletives and scantily clad women gyrating on stage. More...


How a sassy columnist went from the Fox River to the big time

Steve Hyden Photo
Photo courtesy of Anne Shapiro

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