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Roller Derby Photo

Photo Courtesy of Anne Shapiro

Get a roll on

A roller derby revival touches down in the capital city

Bruises are bragging rights worthy of documentation. Fishnet stockings leave a checkerboard-pattern on legs after skin screeches across linoleum. In this circle of friends, the ultimate thrill is knocking a surrogate sister three rows deep into the crowd. More...

A two-wheeled existence
Jon Kendziera Headshot
Photo courtesy of Anne Shapiro
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Under new management
A longtime Wisconsin favorite gets a facelift from new owners
John Kendziera combined a background in mechanics with a love for bikes to become one of the hottest bike builders in the country

Think back, if you will, to your first bike. Maybe your parents surprised you with the wheels of your dreams for your birthday More...

New face of farming
Don't tell Kristin Kordet there's no future in agriculture
Homegrown Hero
Kimberly native Mike Verstegen traded pro gridiron glory for a storybook life closer to his Wisconsin roots

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