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Editorial Philosophy

Wake up, Wisconsin. You’re alive and moving faster than ever. This place is unlike any other, full of interesting characters and captivating settings.

While on the road through your 20s, you need to stop at the CURB and breathe it all in.

Wisconsin holds exciting and innovative people-sources that often are yet to be tapped. CURB brings you those people. It’s a profile magazine to help you see the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

CURB’s aim is to report on the people behind the issues-average people who defy the law of averages, doing basic jobs that are anything but basic, living ordinary lives that can only be called extraordinary.

The stories are fresh. The writing is crisp. The ideas are new.

CURB helps you live your life.

CURB helps you look beyond the usual.

And CURB helps you learn from Wisconsin’s own.

Live. Look. Learn.

CURB: Wisconsin’s fresh lifestyle magazine.
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