Green Piece: Connecting Art and the Environmentnatural

A walk along the Raven Nature Trail in Minocqua provided view after viewof Northwoods beauty: smooth and shiny leaves rustling softly in the breeze; the chirping of birds echoing through the trunks and branches of the forest; the combined scent of fresh earth, plants and grass...


FeetHand-Crafted Healing: Art Therapists Create Change

A thin metal rod skewering a small round mass slowly rotates over red, glowing embers. With each turn, the embers glow a bit brighter, the perpetual movements of the crank ensuring that each side of the object is equally exposed to the glow...


Madison Arts Incubator: Building a Home for Madison's Arts Community

The frame is there—boarded up and shut off from the outside world, but it’s there. The bricks are piled dutifully, arranged in neat walls, waiting patiently for something worth enclosing, worth protecting...

Designing the Big Day: The Artisans Who Make Wedding Dreams Come True

FlowersSomething old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. A hydrangea the color of the afternoon sky is carefully placed into a bouquet of strategically chosen flowers...


Art-chitecture: Taliesin through the eyes of Frank Lloyd Wright


Theatrical Oasis: African American Children’s Theatre Spotlights Milwaukee Youth

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