Voices of Change: Wisconsin's Spoken Word Movement Makes Waves

WordThe lights are dimmed. The crowd waits with bated breath. The show began an hour ago, but time is standing still. The crowd keeps clapping and shouting after the next performer’s name is called...

Worth the Wait: Soaking up Wisconsin's Outdoor Music Venues

My take on outdoor music morphed in September 2005, after I crammed all my worldly possessions into the red, rusted-out '89 Chevy Cavalier that cast me more than 2,000 miles away—from Wisconsin and its tyrannical winter to what would be my squatting ground for the next 12 months: California’s utopian central coast...

The Violent Femmes: Wisconsin’s Musical Claim to Fame

A loud voice whines. A frenetic acoustic bass thumps. A loud cymbal and snare drum pound. A band looks out at an audience. Two-and-a-half decades after they began, the trio known as the Violent Femmes sees the same energized faces that crowded their early shows...
Ivory: Musical Inspiration in the Valley

GuitarThe sweltering July heatdraped the hilly Oshkosh campground playing home to Lifest. Under an enormous roof with no walls, four teenagers dressed in full suits sauntered onto a stage covered in couches, chairs, instruments and amplifiers...

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