Majestic Makeover: Revamping a Madison Classicchair

The smell of fresh paint covers the pungent stench of stale sweat.Shiny faux-wood floors hide the sticky stains of spilled mixed drinks. Acoustic melodies and soulful lyrics replace thumping bass-driven dance beats...

A Way with Words: Local Authors Bring Wisconsin to Life

In a tiny, softly lit room, a capacity audience of no more than a couple dozen spiritedly anticipated the poets’ presentation—particularly the readings of Ellen Kort, Wisconsin’s first poet laureate...

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The Art of Giving: Ena Carroll Creates for a clockCause

There is something about Ena Carroll’s art that simultaneously catches the eye and intrigues the mind—whether it’s the color that harmoniously pops out, the imaginative yet realistic quality of a startling portrait or...

Menace to Masterpiece: Graffiti Artists Defy Stereotypes

Even as an 12-year-old, Eliot White saw himself as an artist, and it got him in trouble. Watching a friend of a friend's older brother do a sketch ignited White’s interest in graffiti art and inspired him to learn more. Something about the art form spoke to him...

En Pointe: Wisconsin Balletballet

It is not a typical Friday morning at Milwaukee Montessori school, as children are ushered into the church auditorium to prepare for a morning of classical ballet education—a subject stereotypically pinned as yawn-worthy and stuffy...


Making it Write: James Devita Authors Change

When actor and author James DeVita first came across Sophie Scholl’s name, he had no idea she would change his life. “I was doing a one-man show, the first thing I ever wrote. A little play called 'Waiting for Vern...

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