Bottling Up Success: The Ingenuity behind Wisconsin Wine

Bill and LaVerne Vetrano’s first venture into cranberry wine left them picking stray pieces of fruit from their hair and off the walls. The hard, dry little fruits resisted efforts to crush them using a traditional grape press and de-stemmer, instead ricocheting out of the machine in all directions, like freshly popped popcorn... Grapes
Aged to Perfection: Four Generations of Cheesemaking
CheeseSid Cook is not a cheesehead. Sid Cook is a cheese master—the reigning king of Dairyland, and the fourth of his bloodline to ascend to professional cheesemaker status. But Cook did not achieve his Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker crown via nepotism alone...


Pop Art: Clary's Popcorn Crafts Creativity

PopcornIt’s a beautiful Wednesday morning in Madison and State Street is buzzing with the excitement of a new day. Ken Clary, owner of Clary’s Old Fashioned Gourmet Popcorn, has already started heating up the kettle at his 105 State Street location...

Edible Art: Wisconsin Chefs Create Masterpieces in the Kitchen

Imagine. A fresh, clean plate in front of you. First, you pool the deliciously savory sauce at the base of the plate, its dark brown color sharply contrasting with the bright white plate. Then, add the fresh, steamed - yet still crisp - vegetables: peppers, beans, corn, all locally grown and bought. The rainbow of the Wisconsin-grown produce looks vibrant atop the brown sauce...
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