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You may not be infected, but you're surely affected
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In 1947, 17-year-old Joe Dentice left his small
hometown in Italy to make a life in Wisconsin. Other immigrants early in the state’s history settled in distinct communities, adding diversity and culture. Communities included the Irish in Sheboygan County, Germans in Ozaukee County and Polish immigrants in Milwaukee’s south side. Milwaukee’s Italian community, in particular, settled the area to take advantage of inexpensive land, economic opportunities and industrial jobs.
You may not be infected, but you're surely affected
The American Foundation for AIDS research says one in 150 Americans is HIV-positive, and there is not a single county in Wisconsin that does not have a reported case of the disease. But in contrast to the overt discrimination individuals with HIV/AIDS faced in the 1980s, a younger generation is fearlessly approaching the disease and is working to educate others about what AIDS is -- and is not.