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Milwaukee architecture: A new wonder of the world?
Redefining luxury: Madison's newest condominiums
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It's time for Wisconsin to create some signature cheeses. Photo © 2004 Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, Inc.

Better than cheddar
Plain old block cheddar isn’t cutting it anymore. If Wisconsin wants to keep a claim as one of the world’s hot spots for cheese, they need to start producing more specialty products. The new Dairy Business Innovation Center wants to help cheese makers tap into this lucrative market by providing guidance and expertise on everything from labels to factory equipment.  And the early success stories, such as Uplands Cheese Company’s tasty Pleasant Ridge Reserve, aren’t easy to ignore.

Changing With the Times
Milwaukee architecture and Madison real estate are giving Wisconsin an image makeover

condo image
Photo by Meghan Thompson

Redefining luxury: Madison's newest condominiums
The face of downtown Madison is changing as small convenience stores such as the Open Pantry on University Avenue are being torn down and replaced with luxury high-rise apartment buildings. While developers argue this trend is the key to solving the city's economic woes, others are worried about what these new complexes will do to the face of downtown Madison and the cost of living.

riverwalk image
Photo by Patrick Osowski

Milwaukee architecture: A new wonder of the world?
A city long-plauged by a sorry skyline is setting trends for years to come with projects such as the Milwaukee Art Museum addition by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, RiverWalk streetscaping and plans for a new Pier Wisconsin Center.

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