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Glenda Noel-Ney, a director of development for the College of Letters and Sciences photo by Maren Solberg

Finding solace and a new beginning in Wisconsin
On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, Glenda Noel-Ney was just stepping off a train in downtown New York City when a plane hijacked by terrorists hit the World Trade Center about a block away. The traumatic events of that day made Noel-Ney rethink her priorities and left her searching for somewhere she and her young son could begin to heal. Friends invited her to stay with them in Madison, and here she found a warm, vibrant community – and a place she now calls home.

web logo imageIt’s not too early to start planning for your retirement
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Photo by Maren Solberg

Finding it hard to resist the temptation to get an Pod? Buy a newwardrobe? Take that trip to the Bahamas? With many young professionals finding themselves with more disposable income than they have ever had before, your financial decisions now can play a larger role toward your future financial success. It is never too early to start saving and planning says Ken Karr, an investment adviser for McSherry Associates. “Invest early, invest often,” he advises.
Trek Works to Stay at the Top of Their Game
Trek bicycles, one of the world’s largest bicycle manufactures, has its home base in Waterloo. In 1976, the company got its start with five employees working in a 7,000 sq. foot barn. Today they sell bikes in 65 countries, have a vibrant line of specialty bikes and have branched into Trek Travel, which packages trips to scenic locations around the world.