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Innocence lost

Rural EMTs: Not your everyday reality show

A matter of trust
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Garcia and fellow squad members pose outside of a memorial
dedicated to the Iraq-Iran war, Sadamm Hussein's little parade drive.
Photo courtesy of Carlye Garcia

Innocence Lost
College is viewed by many as the identity forming years of a person's life. It is four-odd years of care-free self-discovery before you are finally forced into the real world. You prepare for your future professional life, all while enjoying the revelry of youth. True, one gains real-life experiences in college, but those experiences differ greatly when you think about what many college-aged students and non-students who are serving in the military have experienced. Interviews and internships become less daunting when compared to assault rifles and road-side bombs.


web logo imageRural EMTs: Not your everyday reality show

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Photo by Amanda Andrew

As Emergency Medical Technicians Bonita Dorschied and Skip Oliphant race to an emergency, they steer their ambulance along country roads to reach a secluded destination. Waiting for them is a tractor that will take them to a patient who began experiencing heart problems in the woods while repairing a fence. While this situation may sound intense, Dorschied and Oliphant are used to putting their own safety on the backburner as members of the La Farge Area Ambulance Service.

A matter of trust
The 350 acres of land spilling before us are nothing short of breathtaking. Prairie grasses softly blowing in the breeze melt into gently sloping hills dotted with evergreens and their autumn-hued deciduous counterparts. A crop of the rocky bluffs Western Wisconsin is famed for jut out against the horizon, the late afternoon’s blazing orange sun setting a stunning backdrop. Combined, the 50 land trusts of Wisconsin have worked to protect more than 100,000 acres of our land; in fact, the West Wisconsin Land Trust alone has worked to protect more than 10,000 acres of land throughout the state.