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A Memo to Men: Drop the Pickup Lines

Dating Disaster #1: I opened with an oldie but a goodie: Are you okay angel? That fall from heaven must have hurt.

Dating Disaster #2: On our first date we went to a fancy French restaurant and I mistakenly ordered …

Ask a Woman: From friend zone to guy friends

How do I avoid the dreaded friend zone?

Ask a WomanEver since Joey told Ross he was “mayor” of Rachel’s friend zone, men have feared crossing the line from butterflies to caution tape. Avoiding the friend zone is tricky because women tend …

Ask a Woman: From money to food

My wife can be careless about how she spends money. How do I tell her she needs to be more responsible without coming off as cheap or having a fight about money?

Ask a WomanBefore I address this, I have a question …

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