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Short yet fascinating stories about extraordinary Wisconsin women.

Not your average queen

Spray tans, fake nails, elaborate eveningwear? Check. Oh, and don’t forget the flippers: they’re fake teeth that give the appearance of a pearly white smile, and almost everyone competing has a pair.

Original Wisconsin: your guide to handmade and vintage items on

Selected Etsy creations

Others with MS

Information on the amazing accomplishments by people with MS.

Urban Exploring 101

What is Urban Exploring? Exploring abondoned buildings within an urban environment, usually for photographic value or emotional thrill. Why Do People Urban Explore? “I think it’s the thrill and the aesthetic. Once you’re immersed in this place that you have no idea what’s around any corner, it’s really intriguing.” -Melanie, Wis. Urban Explorer What You Should […]

Meet Wisconsin’s queens

“One thing I learned from participating in pageants is that community involvement is very important. It is very important to give back to the community that gave so much to me.” -Samantha Hoerman

Resources for women wanting to turn a passion into action

Tips for getting involved with causes you believe in within your community.

Start to finish: Board games through the ages

This board game infographic shows some of the most popular board games through the last 60 years.

Moving mountains

An MRI revealed seven to nine lesions on her brain. A neurologist told Winckler she might have multiple sclerosis, which can cause parts of the body to go numb or become paralyzed and has no cure. More tests confirmed the diagnosis: Winckler had MS, and may have had it since she was 16 or 17.

Take only photos, leave only footprints

She slips off her sleek, gem-studded suede flats and pulls on her thick-soled, waterproof boots. She purposely doesn’t change out of her skinny jeans, trendy scarf or high-cut leather jacket. Rule number one: don’t look suspicious.

A new ‘Day’ of activism

During her sophomore year at UW-Madison, Anna Day attended a lecture by Stephen Lewis about the H.I.V./AIDS epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa. Lewis, a former United Nations special envoy for H.I.V./AIDS in Africa, issued a call for global activism. Day took it to heart. Within six months she organized Project 40/40, an awareness and fundraising campaign for the Clinton H.I.V./AIDS Initiative.
“I’m waiting for a women’s movement, I’m trying to start a women’s movement,” Day says. “I want to affect women I don’t even know.”