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From college student to filmmaker

Sitting in a dark theater at the 2010 Wisconsin Film Festival, Katie Greenway got pissed. The 22-year-old UW-Madison senior, then majoring in communication arts and journalism, was watching one of the top-billed films of the festival, the title of which she declines to reveal for fear of insulting its creator. “I walked out of the theater thinking, ‘That was awful. I could totally do better.’”

Karri Daley’s Madison favorites

Madison songstress Karri Daley shares some of her favorite parts of Madison, Wis.

Other female Wisconsin directors

Katie Greenway talks about some remarkable Wisconsin female directors.

On the road with Anna Vogelzang

Anna Vogelzang is a cliché, and she knows it. Her gorgeously emotive folk songs are inspired by her Kerouac-esque lifestyle on the road as well as love lost and found. But just five seconds of hearing her full-bodied, emphatic alto lilting over Americana string arrangements will have you captivated. She’s not trying to be Kimya […]

Behind the scenes of “Strawberry Stand” [VIDEO]

Curb Magazine brings you images from behind the scenes of “Strawberry Stand,” an independent film produced by two women from Menomonie, Wisconsin.

Blue-haired songstress Karri Daley [VIDEO]

A compilation of songs by the up-and-coming Madison songstress Karri Daley and the Clyde Stubblefield Show.

A rocker with soul (and blue hair)

Karri Daley is a Madison staple. For the past three years, the 27-year-old singer has lit up the Madison music scene with her shows at Funky Mondays at the Frequency. Performing as part of the Clyde Stubblefield Show ⎯ Clyde Stubblefield being known for his years with James Brown in the late ’60s ⎯ she […]