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Your mom plays video games

Madison mom and gamer Sheryl Hurley talks to us about what she plays, what she lets her kids play, and the role of gaming in the family dynamic.

TV Dinners

We invited our favorite TV characters to a potluck. Here’s what they’re bringing.

The dangers of cardiovascular disease [FLASH]

Play around with this informative flash to learn about the dangers of cardiovascular disease.

Which game are you? [QUIZ]

Take this interactive quiz to find out which video game best suits you.

Ruling the controller: The rise of female gamers

When UW-Madison senior Alison Manley is in need of some relaxation, she turns to her television. But instead of channel surfing, she turns on her PlayStation 2 and spends some time immersed in the world of role-playing and fantasy games. She’s not the only one. According to the Entertainment Software Association’s 2010 consumer survey, 40 […]

How do you forget the letter H?

In April 2010, Kaela Gedda forgot the letter “H.” Suffering a migraine and beginning to see spots, she tried texting a friend — but couldn’t spell the word “had.” “It was scary, because, how do you forget the letter ‘H?’”  she says. Kaela forgot because of the stroke she suffered a year ago. Although she […]