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Redefining love

About five years ago, Ashe and Boone Dryden decided they wanted more out of their relationship. The love life that once propelled the two to marry had become virtually nonexistent. Monogamy just wasn’t working, so the couple searched the Milwaukee area for discussion groups about open relationships.

The best (damn) meal I’ve ever eaten

As I sat down at my table at Meritage, Jan Kelly’s 3-year-old restaurant on Milwaukee’s west side, the group adjacent to me parted with a single recommendation. “Get the chocolate cake,” a woman said. “It’s almost orgasmic.”

Cooking with Curb [VIDEO]

Jonah Braun of Curb Magazine demonstrates how to cook a root vegetable lasagna based on a recipe by Jan Kelly, Chef of Meritage Restaurant in Milwaukee.

Women On Top

A compilation of Wisconsin women who helped shape history.

A professional perspective on polyamory [VIDEO]

Professor John DeLamater of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Sociology discusses the mindsets behind polyamorous individuals and the intricacies of such relationships.

Fall/winter recipes from Jan Kelly

Jan Kelly, chef of Meritage restaurnat in Milwaukee, shares some of her favorite recipes.

Wisconsin polyamory resources

Discussion groups, news and general information about polyamory.