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Resources for women wanting to turn a passion into action

Tips for getting involved with causes you believe in within your community.

How active are you? [QUIZ]

Think you are a community leader or an expert volunteer? Take the quiz below to see just how active you really are.

A new ‘Day’ of activism

During her sophomore year at UW-Madison, Anna Day attended a lecture by Stephen Lewis about the H.I.V./AIDS epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa. Lewis, a former United Nations special envoy for H.I.V./AIDS in Africa, issued a call for global activism. Day took it to heart. Within six months she organized Project 40/40, an awareness and fundraising campaign for the Clinton H.I.V./AIDS Initiative.
“I’m waiting for a women’s movement, I’m trying to start a women’s movement,” Day says. “I want to affect women I don’t even know.”