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An interview with Deb Carey

One on one with New Glarus Brewing Company’s President and Founder, Deb Carey.

Getting down and dirty

Conventional makeup products often cost less than their green counterparts, because they use cheap synthetic ingredients. While you might initially save some cash using conventional makeup, you may pay the price later with side effects. Below are just a few synthetic ingredients commonly found in makeup and personal care products. Check out how they can […]

Breweries and wineries in Wisconsin [MAP]

Locate the breweries and wineries closest to your hometown on this map of Wisconsin.

Quick sips

Beer — it’s a way of life. And in Wisconsin, we have — and make — a lot of it. According to a 2008 survey by the Brewer’s Association, Wisconsin is ranked 10th in the nation for breweries per capita. But how much do you really know about the beer in your glass? Or Wisconsin […]

Back to basics

They say beauty is only skin deep — but the cosmetics women use are not. As a matter of fact, the average woman who uses makeup on a daily basis absorbs about 5 pounds of chemicals every year, including sodium lauryl and steralkonium, among others. Compounding that danger: the same study also found that many […]