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Modern-day storks

After two minutes, the word “pregnant” appeared in the window. Lori was thrilled.
Her husband was excited, too, if a bit bemused.
“Congratulations?” he said. “Is that what I’m supposed to say?”

Surrogacy: The risks of going it alone

Surrogacy through the Madison-based Surrogacy Center isn’t cheap — intended parents pay the center about $75,000, which covers the surrogate’s fee, legal fees, the center’s services and medical expenses. Attorney Carol Gapen says that while middle-class intended parents often borrow from parents and friends and even take out home equity loans to pay the fees, […]

Curb Magazine 2010: Describing Wisconsin women [VIDEO]

This promotional video for Curb Magazine explores the various traits that make Wisconsin women unique.

Explaining surrogacy to children [VIDEO]

Surrogate mother Lori shares with Curb how she explained her decision to become a surrogate to her eight-year-old son.