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Green your garbage

If you’ve ever bought something in a plastic bottle, you’ve probably noticed a little number inside a triangle on the bottom of the container. Ever wonder what that means? With the help of Milly Zantow, The Society of the Plastics Industry developed a national system to classify and recycle post-consumer plastics.   The numbers inside the […]

A timeline on a recycling revolutionary [TIMELINE]

Check out this informational timeline of Milly Zantow’s recycling revolution.

Reduce, reuse, revolutionize

John Muir. Aldo Leopold. Gaylord Nelson.  When it comes to environmental leaders, Wisconsin can drop some names. But chances are you haven’t heard of Milly Zantow. “I see Milly as really one of the unsung environmental heroes of Wisconsin,” says Gregg Mitman, director of the Nelson Institute of Environmental Studies at UW-Madison. Zantow, 87, isn’t […]