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Curb content you won’t find in print.

Cooking with Curb [VIDEO]

Jonah Braun of Curb Magazine demonstrates how to cook a root vegetable lasagna based on a recipe by Jan Kelly, Chef of Meritage Restaurant in Milwaukee.

Curb Magazine 2010: Describing Wisconsin women [VIDEO]

This promotional video for Curb Magazine explores the various traits that make Wisconsin women unique.

Behind the scenes of “Strawberry Stand” [VIDEO]

Curb Magazine brings you images from behind the scenes of “Strawberry Stand,” an independent film produced by two women from Menomonie, Wisconsin.

Breweries and wineries in Wisconsin [MAP]

Locate the breweries and wineries closest to your hometown on this map of Wisconsin.

A closer look at Ladies Rock Camp Madison [SLIDESHOW]

Check out this slideshow and audio from 2010’s Ladies Rock Camp Madison

Strutting in Cedarburg [MAP]

This map will direct you to interesting places in Cedarburg.

Blue-haired songstress Karri Daley [VIDEO]

A compilation of songs by the up-and-coming Madison songstress Karri Daley and the Clyde Stubblefield Show.

Home visit with board game creator Peggy Brown [VIDEO]

Curb Magazine makes a home visit to board game creator Peggy Brown to see where such classics as “Pretty Pretty Princess” are made.

The dangers of cardiovascular disease [FLASH]

Play around with this informative flash to learn about the dangers of cardiovascular disease.

Boy meets girl: love, marriage — but when? [VIDEO]

Kyle Terpstra and Kayla Kaiser, a young couple planning to marry in 2011, speak about their relationship and plans for their wedding