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Divine design

Chele Isaac might have a church fetish. After all, she’s owned two.

“I’m a little embarrassed about that,” she tells me.

From college student to filmmaker

Sitting in a dark theater at the 2010 Wisconsin Film Festival, Katie Greenway got pissed. The 22-year-old UW-Madison senior, then majoring in communication arts and journalism, was watching one of the top-billed films of the festival, the title of which she declines to reveal for fear of insulting its creator. “I walked out of the theater thinking, ‘That was awful. I could totally do better.’”

Cedarburg through the seasons: a run-down of its seasonal festivals

Winter Festival:
Date: February 5, 2011 – February 6, 2011

Time: Saturday 8 a.m. – 10 p.m.; Sunday 8 a.m. – 3 p.m
Cedarburg’s Winter Festival is a rare gem that offers ice carving contests, bed races on ice, barrel jumping and an Alaskan malamute pulling contest all in one weekend.

Your mom plays video games

Madison mom and gamer Sheryl Hurley talks to us about what she plays, what she lets her kids play, and the role of gaming in the family dynamic.

An interview with Deb Carey

One on one with New Glarus Brewing Company’s President and Founder, Deb Carey.

Karri Daley’s Madison favorites

Madison songstress Karri Daley shares some of her favorite parts of Madison, Wis.

Redefining love

About five years ago, Ashe and Boone Dryden decided they wanted more out of their relationship. The love life that once propelled the two to marry had become virtually nonexistent. Monogamy just wasn’t working, so the couple searched the Milwaukee area for discussion groups about open relationships.

The best (damn) meal I’ve ever eaten

As I sat down at my table at Meritage, Jan Kelly’s 3-year-old restaurant on Milwaukee’s west side, the group adjacent to me parted with a single recommendation. “Get the chocolate cake,” a woman said. “It’s almost orgasmic.”

Other female Wisconsin directors

Katie Greenway talks about some remarkable Wisconsin female directors.

Advice for women interested in politics

Wisconsin government representatives share tips for women looking to get involved in politics.