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Your mom plays video games

Madison mom and gamer Sheryl Hurley talks to us about what she plays, what she lets her kids play, and the role of gaming in the family dynamic.

Advice for women interested in politics

Wisconsin government representatives share tips for women looking to get involved in politics.

Wisconsin’s dirty secret

By now, Sandy Pasch was used to it. She walked up another cement sidewalk. Rang another doorbell. Gave another smile and another handshake. And then she had to answer the questions she’s heard time and time again. “Who will watch your kids?” they ask. “Who will cook your family dinner?” Wisconsin has a rich tradition […]

Ruling the controller: The rise of female gamers

When UW-Madison senior Alison Manley is in need of some relaxation, she turns to her television. But instead of channel surfing, she turns on her PlayStation 2 and spends some time immersed in the world of role-playing and fantasy games. She’s not the only one. According to the Entertainment Software Association’s 2010 consumer survey, 40 […]