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Features and profiles of Wisconsin women with moxie.

12 questions for Heather Aldrich

Name: Heather Aldrich Nickname: I always wished I had one. I’m open to ideas! One cause I’d love the chance to work with is: Adult literacy When I’m stressed I listen to: 70’s funk: Rick James, Funkadelic, Parliament The thing I miss most about Milwaukee (or Wisconsin) when I’m away is: Family. If I weren’t executive […]

Modern-day storks

After two minutes, the word “pregnant” appeared in the window. Lori was thrilled.
Her husband was excited, too, if a bit bemused.
“Congratulations?” he said. “Is that what I’m supposed to say?”

On the road with Anna Vogelzang

Anna Vogelzang is a cliché, and she knows it. Her gorgeously emotive folk songs are inspired by her Kerouac-esque lifestyle on the road as well as love lost and found. But just five seconds of hearing her full-bodied, emphatic alto lilting over Americana string arrangements will have you captivated. She’s not trying to be Kimya […]

Resources for Wisconsin parents who have children with disabilities

Although parents can form a powerful alliance with one another to advocate for inclusive education, additional statewide resources can bolster that advocacy and help support productive communication between parents and educators.

Where to go when you have to go

Urgently need a bathroom without one in sight? The tools below can help you find where to go. Sit or Squat ( Search for restrooms by ZIP code using the website or one of their free mobile apps. Safe2Pee ( A Google Maps-based directory of user-submitted gender-neutral and/or wheelchair-accessible bathrooms. WheretoWee ( A global restroom […]

How to get involved in Girls Rock Camp Madison/Ladies Rock Camp Madison

Ready to rock out or looking to help others follow their rock ‘n’ roll desires? There are many ways to get involved — for women, men and kids, too.

Surrogacy: The risks of going it alone

Surrogacy through the Madison-based Surrogacy Center isn’t cheap — intended parents pay the center about $75,000, which covers the surrogate’s fee, legal fees, the center’s services and medical expenses. Attorney Carol Gapen says that while middle-class intended parents often borrow from parents and friends and even take out home equity loans to pay the fees, […]

Green your garbage

If you’ve ever bought something in a plastic bottle, you’ve probably noticed a little number inside a triangle on the bottom of the container. Ever wonder what that means? With the help of Milly Zantow, The Society of the Plastics Industry developed a national system to classify and recycle post-consumer plastics.   The numbers inside the […]

Q&A with Tracey Wood, prominent Wisconsin defense attorney

Meet Tracey Wood, a celebrated defense attorney in Wisconsin. She is widely known for defending people accused of drunk driving, and served on the board of regents for the National College for DUI defense — the first-ever Wisconsin attorney, and woman, appointed to the board. Wood tells Curb about why she is drawn to criminal […]

Reduce, reuse, revolutionize

John Muir. Aldo Leopold. Gaylord Nelson.  When it comes to environmental leaders, Wisconsin can drop some names. But chances are you haven’t heard of Milly Zantow. “I see Milly as really one of the unsung environmental heroes of Wisconsin,” says Gregg Mitman, director of the Nelson Institute of Environmental Studies at UW-Madison. Zantow, 87, isn’t […]